How to remove .rtf from note name

When I imported my data, I had the file extension added to the name. Is there a way to find those ending in “.rtf” and rename them?

There is a script for this. Go to the Script menu, select ‘Rename>Replace Text…’ and enter .rtf for the search term. For the replacement text, just enter a space. The .rtf will be dropped from the name, and the document names will not be padded with the space as long as you do have not added another character after the space.

In the future, you can set the preferences to not add the extension in the Import tab under the Titles section.

This is not available in DN. Is it in DT Personal?

No, the scripts menu is in Pro and Pro Office.

OK, so I tried to export a group. I changed the Import preferences to filename without extension, and imported it to a new group. The note retained its extension in the name. It also retained the created/modified dates, so I suppose there is a difference between a true external import, and that which is importing previously exported contents???

You had the right idea in trying to reimport the file. But yes, there is a difference “between a true external import, and that which is importing previously imported contents”.

The group you exported was copied to the Finder, and holds a file named ‘DEVONtech_storage’. That file holds metadata of the exported items.

If you now import to a DEVONthink database that exported group, the corresponding group and its contents in the database will have the same metadata (including Names) as they had in a previous ‘incarnation’ in a DT database.

But if you first delete the DEVONtech_storage file(s) from the group before importing it, the former metadata is ‘forgotten’ and the Names of the imported items will observe your Preferences > Import setting concerning whether or not filename suffixes are included in the Name.

Yes, I was looking at that XML file, and was going to try that next. Problem is I am down to 5.4 hours left, and have to Quit the app whenever I take a break. My recollection for the import with the file is that it preserved the dates that existed. Would be nice if this did as well.

Thanks for the help!

You can follow this link to ask for an extension. … on_js.html

Did that, double posted, and down to my last shot. Didn’t quit out previously; clock kept ticking. Anyway, I think that for now, I am just gonna get the DN; seems to do what I want. Finally got my folders and templates set up just right; have a clean trash can. Will search to see how to clear out all the backups, and just start again. Write some Terminal scripts, or Applescripts to find changed files in the Library, and maintain an archive of changed files on my NAS.