How to remove xml opening in DEVONthink from Safari?

I have a site that produces xml for download. In Safari it is showing download popup dialog to open it in DEVONthink 3 without the option to download it. If I choose DT, it goes into RSS feed. I don’t want to open DT3 for xml files and instead want to download them. How to do that? How to remove the file association to DT3? If I click cancel the file won’t download. I tried setting open with from Finder and setting text editor for xml but that did not work. Thanks.

We have no control over Safari and its actions. And it would appear your issue isn’t with XML, but RSS. I would suggest you install a bespoke RSS reader, e.g., Vienna and see if the behavior switches to opening it instead. I’d wager it will.

Did you try to download the link via the contextual menu or by Option-clicking?