How to rename a database?

Hope this is the right place to post.
I have searched but can’t find a way to change the database name.
I have done this in finder but the old name shows up in the sidebar.
Any ideas?
Kind regards

‘File>Database Properties…>YourDatabaseName’, and change the name in the Name section. The name of the database in the Finder and the internal name for DEVONthink do not need to be the same, thus the reason that renaming it in the Finder did not change the name in the app. Likewise, changing the name in DEVONthink will not change the database name in the Finder.

Hi Greg,
Many thanks for this.
My problem is now solved - thanks very much.

Do I need to close the Database in order to change the name as described here:

No – in fact, you cannot do what Greg wrote unless the database is open.