How to rename a synced database

I have a DEVONthink database “evernoteIncoming” with the local file name ```


which is synced to 2 Macs and 3 iOS devices. What is the safest way to rename the database  to "[b]evernote[/b]"? 

With renaming I mean the following: After the renaming the database appears on the Macs and on the iOS devices  in the database list under the new name "[b]evernote[/b]" and  on the Macs additionally the db file should be after the renaming ```


Not sure what’s the best way to do it? Rename the db file outside DEVONthink Pro on one Mac and then what? (Renaming the “Name” property inside DTP does not change the db filename.)

Correct. It’s not supposed to.

Changing the name in the Database Properties should be sufficient, but if you want the filename to reflect the change, you’ll need to close the database and change the .dtBase2’s name as well.

Ok, thanks. My questions now are:

  • And how does it work with the syncing to the other Mac and the iOS devices?
  • Close on all devices? (How can I close on iOS?)
  • And then rename on one or all devices?

Thanks for pointers!

The name change will Sync. The filename change will not.

Obviously, no since you can’t close a database in DTTG2.

The database name changes on Sync. And there is no database file on iOS.

Ok, if I want to change the filename of the databases on the Macs, what’s the best way to go about it keeping the syncing in mind?

The filename doesn’t matter for the synchronization.

Thanks for this, Christian. That’s interesting.

Sorry to be a pain, but I would like to clarify whether on the face of this information the following strategy could work:

  1. I change the name in the database’s properties in DEVONthink on Mac 1.
  2. Wait for syncing this through to all devices (other mac plus 3 iOS devices).
  3. I change the filename of that database locally in the Finder on Mac 1.
  4. I change the filename of the synced database locally in the Finder on Mac 2.

Now the old name should be gone everywhere and the databases should still be syncing new changes, right?

Sorry to ask so explicitly, but because of all the troubles I had experienced with syncing, I want to get this done as smoothly as possible.

This will work. But you can perform steps 3 & 4 anytime, they don’t impact the synchronization.

Thanks a lot for your confirmation!