How to replace all Duplicates by Replicants ?


I have just converted my knowledge base (10k documents in an elaborate folder structure) to DT Pro, in order to get over the limitations of a tree-like folder structure.

DT surprised me by telling me that there are >700 Duplicates.
I checked, it is correct.

Before I start my tagging effort, I would like to replace all Duplicates by Replicants:

I do NOT just want to delete all duplicates, as their current location in the imported folder structure is meaningful to me,
i.e. a document should remain to be filed under
+) Clients > CLIENTNAME > PROJECTNAME > Final Presentation > file.ppt
+) Public References > CLIENTNAME > file.ppt

However, both files are identical, have the same name and there is no need to change one while leaving the other unchanged.
Thus, I should imagine that turning any of the two into a Replicant is a good solution?

Any help?

You might check the script posted in the thread viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7698. But backup your database first, e.g. via File > Export > Database Archive.