How to reproduce the folder (group) structure.

I have been using devonthink for many years and have large databases, going back to 2008. I thought I would try to archive older stuff. It is easy to identify using smart groups for example documents older than 2008, however my problem is what next ?

I have created an archive database and I can put them in there. I suppose that would be ok…and I can search if I need them.

My question is… is it possible to reproduce the group structure of a database and use that for my archive (rather than just recreating the groups manually)

Off the top of my head how about move all the archive stuff to folders on a backup drive and then index in DEVONthink?

@Allsop has a good suggestion.

Another approach is select the groups you want to move to the archive database and click-hold-drag them to the new database.

If you don’t want to move, then select the groups you want to duplicate and ⌥-click-hold-drag them to duplicate the items in the new database.

Not sure if I fully understand what you want to do - but in case it helps, I regularly export File/Folder structures like this

First highlight the Folders you want to export, then;

Menu > File > Export Files and Folders