How to reset the importing function of global inbox in finder sidebar?

Hi there, today I played with the seemingly new function(at least to me) that enables us to drop any files in a sidebar folder “inbox” and suddenly it can be automatically sent into devonthink inbox.

I find this extremely helpful. I almost immediately make a decision to prioritize it as my main method of importing from now on.

Then I rename it “DTInbox” to replace the default name “inbox” cuz I think it was not specific. But after renaming, it doesn’t work anymore. I try to drop files into it and the files still stay in there and are not sent to devonthink as expected.

I was wondering how to fix this? Can’t the folder be renamed?

Thanks in advance!

Does it work after renaming it back to Inbox?

what a speed! :scream:

No changing name back to Inbox doesn’t address the issue :slightly_frowning_face:

Is there still a folder named Inbox in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3?

Yes and no from what I can tell. cuz it’s a bit weird the folder name at its root location is DTInbox not the original name.

Do I need to change the name at the root folder and not directly at the sidebar so as to effectively implement the name changing process?

There exists 2 importing folder at root folder. It seems the new one “DTInbox” formed after I renamed the original one. Then I add both at sidebar and experiment to see if both behave the same. as a result, only the folder with original name can function normally, the renamed one still can’t.

The bottom line is the inbox folder cannot be renamed. :thinking:

That’s correct, this isn’t supported.

Thank you so much for your help! cgrunenberg :blush: