How to resolve it.CK ERROR

i want to know what it is and how to resolve it.

Has been discussed here before. Please use the search function

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Dear King, indeed it has been discussed in the forum here before. It seems to be a sync problem with Apple servers. It has been said to be due to Apple’s unreliable icloud sync service. Unfortunately, since 2-3 days I get the error message too repeatedly every few minutes (only had it very sporadically and rare in the past). Maybe other users or the tech support have an idea how to “force” the sync and overcome this issue? As I have an icloud subscription with a lot of storage (for other reasons) I would not like to have to change to another cloud storage. Furthermore, local sync (bonjour) is no option for me.

I’m not aware that Apple has provided a way to either resolve the issue or “force” a sync.

I am curious … why is Bonjour not an option for you?

I of course do not put all databases on my portable devices (for reasons of space, security, and practicality), but any changes to databases while “on the go” get updated when returning to Global HQ with a Bonjour sync, and visa versa. @Bluefrog has posted repeatedly DEVONthink’s recommendations on synching especially on how to evaluate actual need for using Third Party Internet synching.

I have huge databases, and loading on demand to my iphone when I am not at home - therefore bonjour was not suitable for me.

Dropbox probably a good choice for you, then.

Same here, massive amount of this error message every few minutes.

No, Dropbox is not necessarily a solution, it was worse than iCloud Kit in my long history with Devonthink.

Also, the question was about working with iCloudKit, not about an alternative cloud solution.

Let us try to solve the problem rather than suggesting something else that needs lots of work in set up and can have its own flaws.

As I told you in a PM earlier, you suggest Dropbox frequently in cases where iCloudKit problems are mentioned – and even if someone is satisfied, like was in my case several months ago. As you encouraged me to put this suggestion into public, here we are.


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While that’s true, there’s nothing that we can do to solve Apple’s problems. In that context, an alternative might well be the only thing one can reasonably suggest (or keep mum, which doesn’t help either). Personally, I’m using WebDAV on my NAS, but that requires more hardware and more setup. And then it just works.

But that doesn’t resolve CloudKit problems, it just circumvents them.


I use that and Bonjour. The NAS runs all the time, but sometimes the iMac (which I consider as the Bonjour “server” and only one accepting incoming requests, is sometimes powered off or sleeping so Bonjour won’t work. I do notice Bonjour quickest but both are reliable.

I also have Dropbox running, without any issues for years, on a few databases only to be able to download on demand. Comes up sometimes when discussing an issue that one of my documents helps me in the discussion.

I guess it’s down to the fact that I prefer to work with the documents and “knowledge” in them instead of wishing for Apple to fix things. Time has a life-time shortage.

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On a non-support note (since I obviously use all our sync options for support and testing)… I use Bonjour all day, every day and outside of needing to wake up a mobile device every now and then, it’s seamless syncing all day long. Nighttime too :wink: