How to restrict the DA search to a range of dates?

In some cases, I would like to restrict the pages returned by a DA Web search to a specific range of dates…meaning, only the pages which have been created or changed within a specific period. This would give me the chance to focus only on a list of dated articles, either recent or older. For example, regarding Léopard OS X 10.5, there is a ton of literature but, from now on, I’d like to get only the articles written since June 11th.
Tricky but not proper nor accurate solutions: 1) include one or multiple dates (using booleans) in the search criteria => very aproximative :frowning: or 2) sort by descending date the list of the results => better but not compliant with the search sets run in batch mode :cry:.
Would you recommend a better (more standard) way of doing in the As Is DA version?
Could it be a new feature in a future DA version?
:bulb: :question:

Thank you for suggestion! We’ll consider this for a future release. But unfortunately most servers out there return no date at all or a wrong date. Therefore we’ll have to check if this could be useful in real life.

In the meantime you could use the “Only new pages” option in batch mode to reduce the number of results.

Thank you for answer. You are right, this feature would be relevant if the date returned is accurate. I guess you are thinking to the null dates formatted with “—” or the unrealistic ones. There are, no doubt. But I also think there are some best practices and recos in the world of the web development, aren’t they?. And this one should be listed as a compulsary one :slight_smile:.
A brief analysis showed me that most of the commercial sites and most of the blogs do not handle this date but there are also some “serious” sites which do not care about it such as :smiley:
Anyway, would be good to study a bit more the feasibility of this helpful feature :bulb:
Just let us know about it in a next press release :wink: