How to save documents in a folder accessible outside of DT?

I save lots of stuff directly into my DEVONthink Pro databases, and often create notes in DT directly. Now, I have a situation where it would be ideal if I could create a group in a DEVONthink database with the contents made accessible outside of DEVONthink in a folder of my choosing. Basically, I need to share notes with someone who doesn’t use DEVONthink, via a shared cloud service. At first I thought this would be easy: just create a folder outside DEVONthink and tell DT to index it. Done! Except … if I create a document in that indexed group from inside DEVONthink, that document does not show up in the folder outside. It seems that indexing is a one-way street.

Is there a way to have contents created in DEVONthink be put into something like an indexed folder, but with the DEVONthink-created content automatically accessible outside DEVONthink’s database? Am I missing something really obvious?

Right now you have to manually move the contents to the folder by using the contextual menu command “Move to external folder” after creating the files. A future release will automate this.

Ah, I somehow never saw that. Thank you. So is it possible to invoke this via AppleScript directly (i.e., not using GUI programming)? I searched for “move” in the AppleScript dictionary but the only move command there is described as moving an object “to location specifier” and, well, in this case, the object is sort of already in the location. (Perhaps that’s part of the future feature to allow automation, but I wanted to check in case there is an AppleScript way already.)

It’s deconsolidate.

It’s … “deconsolidate”? Wow. I … don’t think I would ever have guessed this or thought to look for that as the solution :slight_smile: But thanks – this looks perfect!

You’re welcome. Cheers!