How to save the concordance list?


I’ve searched the forum, found some answers but can’t make them work. I hope you can help me solving this problem.

I want to extract every unique word from a text using concordance, copy the list, save as an cvs-file and import the cvs-file to a flashcard app. I’ve tried to mark all lines in concordance, copy and paste them into a spreadsheet application but they doesn’t seem to be copied. I can’t find any script that fixes this either. Any suggestion?

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Abu Ishaq

I’m not seeing any problem on 10.9.5 or 10.11.2.

Opening the Concordance or the Words button next to the “magic hat”, I select one item, then Command-A to Select All. Copy.

Command-N in DEVONthink creates a new tab delimited text file.
Open Numbers with a new blank spreadsheet, paste, and all the data is there.

BLUEFROG: For some reason that doesn’t work for me. I ctrl-c the words but nothing is copied. When pasting into another document the words are not there, just whatever I have copied prior to the concordance list.

KORM: Thanks, that works like a charm.

You should check if copying is inhibited in other places in DEVONthink.

I’ve never been able to ⌘C copy the concordance. But, I can Select All – ⌘A – and then click-drag the contents into an existing document or into the file list pane of, say, three-panes view where a new text file is created.

Strange… it works for me on 10.9.5 and 10.11.2… …

That’s a simple Command-A, Command-C, and Command-N.

Here I also can not ⌘C copy the concordance but can do as korm does. BTW thank you to the OP for bringing this up as it is another useful function that I had not known about previously!

Maybe you guys have something conflicting with Keyboard Maestro / Hazel / etc. etc.
I can’t seem to NOT be able to do it - over and over again, on at least two OSes.

Here what actually happens is that when I select All not only is the concordance panel selected but all of the document’s contents are selected but nothing is copied when ⌘C is pressed. (I do not have Keyboard Maestro but do have Hazel).

Interesting function as well as problem. On my system (OS 10.11.1, DTPO 2.8.8, no hazel, no Maestro etc.) this also does not work, only in the way outlined by korm.

You might need to click on the Concordance panel and select one of the lines there before pressing ⌘A Select All.

Yes. You need to select a line first. (I made a selection twice in my screencast.)

korms method of selecting and then moving the selection to a pane works fine.
Selecting items in the concordance list and pressing command-C or selecting copy from the Edit menu does not work. Nothing is inserted into the clipboard.

I’ve got two magical Macs here then! :mrgreen:

Yes, I understand that. Please tell us what you have added to the default installation to make it work.

Indeed your Macs are magical :laughing:

Stipulating the “never-say-never” (NSN) rule – I’ve run KeyboardMaestro and Hazel side by side with DEVONthink for a very long time and never had a conflict with ⌘C. I would find it very unsual for KM or H to interfer in a particular way with a particular window in a particular application. But NSN. :slight_smile:

Nothing - at least nothing that should affect the copy paste function. And I have almost a completely clean install on my El Cap machine and it works perfectly as well.

Ahh… mystery may be solved. I’ll let you know.

Ok. I ran a test, asked a question, and got an answer… This will work as desired in the next release. :smiley: