How to scaling pictures in RTF

I have found some posts on how to scaling pic in RTF, and I follow the tutorial that input defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2 ShouldScaleAttachedImages -bool True or defaults write com.devon-technologies.thinkpro3 ShouldScaleAttachedImages -bool True. Unfortunately, it still not works. Someone can tell me what should I do after inputting that command in Devonthink?

These are outdated posts related to version 2. In version 3 you can change this via Preferences > Editing > Scale image attachments

Thank you. I just checked the preferences, but it seems I have already clicked that box. So what operation should I use to scaling the image?

It’s not possible to scale attached images manually, the only possibility would be to edit the image externally.

If you double-click an attachment in an RTFD file, it will open in the system default application for that file.

From Help > Documentation > Documents > Plain and Rich Texts > Rich Text

Upon getting it into the default preview you can change the size copy it and paste it into dt3 as a new pic and delete the existing pic.

That’s what I’ve found anyway.l

If you edit the image externally, save it, then navigate away from and back to the document in DEVONthink, the image will display in the new size.