How to scan a leporello?

I’ld like to scan and import a leporello. The width is like DIN A4 and the height is one third longer than a DIN A 4 page. My ScanSnap manager declines to accept this document due it’s oversized length.

How to scan such a document?

TIA and kind regards, Friedrich

How high does the quality need to be?

The expensive option is a flatbed scanner, so you can move page-by-page through the leporello and then combine the scanned pages. The cheaper option (but lower quality) is to use a camera or smartphone and then convert the images to PDF, combine, and OCR them.

I own a Scansnap S1300. So, the hardware is not the problem. The problem is that the Scansnap software recognizes the overlength of the paper as a paper jam. And obviously there is no button to continue the scan process with no regard to the false recognition of the software.

Most recent ScanSnaps, including ScanSnap S130, have a “long document mode”.

In the Scanning tab, set Image Quality to anything other than either “Excellent” or “Automatic”. Load the document. Press and hold the scan button for 3-seconds or longer, until it blinks blue for three or more seconds. The document should then scan. Exit long document mode by reversing the process (i.e., load a regular document, then do the press-and-hold step, then scan, then reverse your Image Quality settings.)

If no luck with that, Fujitsu’s forums will have a better answer for you.

Thank you!

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Please let us know how this works out … thanks :confused:

I 2nd. that :slight_smile:

As written above: I’ve pressed the scan button on the device until it began to blink; that took approximately three seconds. Than the scanner fed the whole leporello, and the software has scanned it. Afterwards I’ve inserted a normal DIN A 4 document, pressed the button again for three seconds, and it worked.

Whether the paper jam recognition now is reactivated I could not check, but I hope so.

Kind regards, Friedrich

Thank you, Friedrich :slight_smile:

One of the cheapest ways might be to use an iPhone-app like CamScanner oder Scan+. Works fine for me in such cases

Me too :smiley: