How to Search All?

@BLUEFROG Any chance this might still happen? Thought it might appear in DTP3, but…


There are no current plans to implement a separate search window in DEVONthink 3.

That’s disappointing. Why??

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As I mentioned previously…

That’s too bad. I recall and understand the reasoning, but it also seemed that there were several other DTP users who agreed that we’d all benefit from a stand alone search window. I hope DTP development might reconsider. Thanks.

I like how it is now and recommend not making it a priority to change.

Came across this thread. +1 to please offer an option for those who prefer to search all databases by default. Thanks.

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-1 I disagree with this request.


I also disagree with this request. I put things in different databases because they are separate. I can understand others might structure things differently, but a default of searching all databases would drive me up the wall.


Well, maybe rather than having a default it would be nice to have an option under preferences that would allow users to have Search All in a separate window. That seems like a perfectly reasonable compromise.