How to search email URLs?

Hi all-

I’ve got a database of emails, which have URLs of the form:

I’d like to search the “subject” parameter of the URL to the exclusion of the email’s subject line, but can’t figure out which search setting to use. I often (always?) get zero hits having selected “URL” when I know there are records to be found.

So do I select “Name”? “URL”? “Meta Data”?

More generally is there a discussion of how the URL and the “Additional Information” (ie Spotlight Data or “meta data” in the Applescript dictionary) map to the radio buttons on the Search Window?

Thanks! Charles

Examine that URL. As it’s email, it starts with ‘mailto’, so if we do a URL search that string will filter just email URLs.

The term ‘subject’ is also always there in your email URL and could be included in a search string, but that would be redundant.

Do you wish to search for all your messages that have the subject, ‘Where%20in%20the%20world?’?

Try this as a URL search:

mailto *Where%20in%20the%20world?

That will pull all the messages that contain the Subject string, ‘Where in the world’.

Or if you want to find all the emails from repeat the search as:

mailto: *

You could also do a Name search, as emails use the Subject as Name. However, other filetypes would also be listed. To restrict to emails only in the results, you could, for example, create a new smart group from your search results, then filter further with the addition of Kind = eml.

I understand this. The results I’m getting don’t tally with your remarks. See below:

Here’s what I get:

Which is nothing. If I search with just “mailto” I get (effectively) all of my database, which I would expect:Picture 2.png

This gets me all the emails sent by folks from, but it also returns emails that have “references” in that mailto: URL that are from
Picture 3.pngIf had had to guess, it looks like DTPO is parsing pieces of the entire mailto: URL. DTPO gets the “address-related” stuff, but the “subject” parameter seems to be ignored.

I know there are other places that this information seems to be stored, but in this (EZLM, I believe) mailing list the ?subject= parameter contains the heading for the thread, even if it’s been retitled, and also minus the “Fwd:”, “Re:” and “[mailing list]” tags, so it’s very useful in reconstructing the discussion thread.

Which can’t be done from the email’s visible subject line.

Best, Charles

Just try this term (searching for All or for URL):

I don’t think I completely understand the function of “~”, but it worked!

Thanks, Christian

~ is identical to enclosing * characters, e.g. ~house is identical to house.