How to search for files with tags (instead of tags)

Hi, i cannot wrap my head around the following:

I use groups to structure my data, and treat them like (hierarchical) tags:

Now, i almost always want to find FILES that have all those groups/tags, but the results only shows me the groups/tags.

How does this work? Search is almost useless for me without this feature.


One option is to use the advanced search and to specify both tags, another one is to use the Tags view and to select both tags.

Thanks for the quick suggestions, but they are not really practical. I don’t want to click around for 30+ seconds just to perform a simple search.

I thought search is one of DEVONthink´s strengths? This is not really an uncommon scenario i guess.

Searching for tags is a known shortcoming but this will be definitely improved.

any eta for that?

Sorry but no. We don’t comment on development timeframes. All in due time. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Is this feature available in DT3?

Yes, DEVONthink 3 enhances searching for tags too.

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