How to see all "not downloaded" files in DT3?


I’ve had various issues from time to time around a particular file not being downloadable. So far I haven’t lost any data, but it has caused me some anxiety. (In a nutshell: I have all databases in DTTG set to “always” download, but sometimes I get a file that hasn’t downloaded, and when I try to manually download it, it eventually just fails. Various incantations of deleting and then resending have always worked, with one exception: I had one file that could not be downloaded by either DTTG or DTPO or DT3, and finally I just deleted it and luckily had a backup somewhere else to re-add. I’ve reported this bug, but didn’t get a satisfying resolution).

In DTTG, there is a smart group to see what files have not been downloaded. Is there a way to set up a smart group in DT3 to do the same? I noticed there is a cloud icon next to files in DT3 that have not been downloaded, but I don’t see any way to sort by that status, nor can I figure out a way to configure a smart group in DT3 to do that. Am I missing something?


Just use the condition “Instance is pending” or use a toolbar search for item:pending on demand.

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Perfect. Thanks!