How to see if an email is just a link?

I am moving emails to be saved from Apples Mail to DevonThink so I can read them whenever I like without Internet.

Is there an intelligent way to see if a received mail is just a html-link and has to be converted to a rich text file before imported to DT?

Or is there a smart script that identifies emails just containing a link and automatically saves them to DT so I can read them without Internet access?

Imported emails that have links should obviously have links. There is no need to convert imported emails to RTF to make links clickable. In the View menu toggle between the “Best Alternative” and “Text Alternative” views of email messages, if you wish, but links are clickable in either case.

No, and no.

I think that the easiest way is:

In DevonThink, when I see a message with just a link - tag it - open it next time I have internet access and save it to rich text.

Then it is readable forever after that even when I am offline.

Interesting. Over here, probably 99% of messages with “just a link” are spam / virus.

Yes, that would certainly work, for example, in cases such that the email body is only a link, like this one: … ected.html

Sorry about that, Basil. :mrgreen:

Ok, lots of email here is actually just links like hotel confirmations, flight bookings, support tickets etc. and most newsletters including the one from Devonthink are links.

Enclosed is a support ticket I got from you guys a month ago - and that is just a link.

Thanks! He is my idol!

Which version of DEVONthink Pro Office do you use? According to the screenshot it might be an older one and therefore the attachment can’t be displayed due to a bug.

It is the latest. But it has been like this all the time.

It is actually not an attachment but the email itself is just a link.

But when I connect my computer to Internet it shows the correct content right away.

So I learned to convert the email from the linked message to a rich text and then it is saved forever as a solid message and will look like the linked one even without Internet connection.

Could you please export such an email, zip it and send the archive plus the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Console.log to cgrunenberg - at - Then I’ll check whether it’s a bug, thanks.

Have absolutely no clue what happened - but you “scared” my computer and my copy of DevonThink PRO Office so now all works perfect!

Tried to copy the email I posted here earlier and when I opened it it worked fine OFF-line.

All other messages that earlier did not show its content when I was off-line now shows all info correctly regardless if I have access to internet or not.

The only thing I did before I tried was to download Apples latest system update that became available this morning here in the US but I have no clue if that was what helped me or if it was you scaring my DT-app on distance :wink:.

Regardless I am very happy that it is working. If you want I can still email you the log file since I did find and copy it this morning.

I’m delighted to see that the fawlt was corrected. :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I turned off internet today and have spent some hours going through thousands of emails and they ALL show the correct info so all is working and I am even happier with DevonThink.

Probably the best system you can buy to store all your different files in one “shell”.

I do not know if it was Mr Grunenberg at DevonThink or the update from Apple that solved the problem but it works and that is what counts.