How to see which files in the Trash are not in the database

When emptying the Inbox’s Trash I get:

Indexed Trash Empty_Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 10.37.06 am

This surprises me, because it is the trash of the Inbox. In any case I would like to find out which records are indexed. With 158 items it is not very practical to go through the list by hand. How can I get a list just of the indexed item in that Trash?

You could select the trash and then use advanced search like so

(in case it’s not legible: “item:indexed scope:selection”)

You could e.g. recognize indexed items via their smaller Finder icon (e.g. in List view). But an upcoming release will improve the Info filter so that you can easily search for imported or indexed items.

Aha, thanks, that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Any way to disable the trash? When deleting the trash, you have to delete macOS trash to actually delete a file AFAIK. I personally delete the trash every time I explicitly use it, and have a backup might I accidentally trash a file without knowing.

The Smart Action ‘delete’ e.g. doesn’t use the trash, but I’m not aware of a method to use “delete’ anywhere else in the UI. Is there?


This action should actually use the trash too (and I just verified this).

To use actions of smart rules regularly & manually, you could create a smart rule that performs the desired actions on demand and then just drag & drop the items onto the smart rule to perform the actions on them. In this scenario the smart rule is basically used as a persistent batch processing setup.

Hi @chrillek, I tried this now - and it doesn’t seem to work. I even tried item:indexed scope:trash to no avail.

Searches with scope:trash doesn’t seem to return anything. :frowning:

Trying now your suggestion, @cgrunenberg. You mean the littel icons like this: Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 12.05.31 pm, right?

Is there anyway to sort by these icons? For me they just seem to be part of the name column…

No you can’t sort on the indexed status.
In an upcoming release there will be a filter for imported or indexed files.

I’m aware of that. And that’s also the reason why I purposes something else. Pls read again – did you try that?

I gave item:indexed scope:selection a go too (with the Trash selected). But it didn’t return anything either.

I stand corrected. Either it stopped working (not probable) or I did something weird (possibly). Sorry for leading you astray.