How to Send Web Archives Where I Want Them

Yet another newbie question (deal gently with me):

It seems that whenever I am browsing the web and come upon a web site I want to archive, it’s always sent to the wrong database. My understanding is that the Web Archive button in Safari will send the archive to whichever database I was in last or am in. But I’m never in the right database. So then I have to find the archive, delete it, open up the correct database, and do the whole operation again. This is a pain.

My dear hubby says I always tend to make things harder than they should be, so I expect there’s probably an easy solution to this (when, oh when, will Devonthink2 with multiple database support be here?).

If it requires Apple Script, you’ll have to explain what I’m supposed to do v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. I’m a Mac newbie too.



I’ll just add one more thought to my own question, since I’m still comparing DTP with Eagle Filer.

In EF, when you want to do a web archive, you hit a hot key (in my case I set it up for F5) and it will send directly to whichever database is current (I think). If you hit option-hot key, you get a dialog box which allows you to designate where you want the archive to go. This just makes a lot of sense to me–it’s so much easier than the process I described above. And, no Apple-scripting needed.

Anyone know if in DTP 2 they’re going to make web archiving more user friendly?


I don’t know this for a fact, but I assume that they will. Since DTP2 is going to handle multiple simultaneously-open databases, they’re no doubt revamping some of the old assumptions and the current scripts to handle things like this.

I think the easiest way to do this, if you have multiple databases open at the same time, is to create Automator workflows that will handle imports into different, specified databases. Automator is simple, compared to AppleScript, so you might be able to do that yourself.

Another option is to create multiple “Import” folders in the Finder, and add Folder Actions to them – the existing “Import” folder action scripts, but with an instruction for DEVONthink Pro to open the specified database before it proceeds further. This would require one line of AppleScript, if I remember correctly, but requires that you have multiple copies of the same AppleScript, named in a way that you can remember (“Import to Bills Database”, “Import to Funny Things Database”, etc).

open database "/Users/suzyq/Bills.dtBase"

``` would be the first line of the script.

See if that works.  /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/Action Import.scpt is the script I'm referring to.  To add a Folder Action to a folder, all you do is right-click it in the finder, enable Folder Actions, then right-click it again and browse to find the scripts you've created.

After that point, all you need to do is save the document to the proper folder.  Anything -- PDF, web archive, etc -- will work.

So it requires a bit of work from you, and it's not as tidy as EagleFiler, but it may work for you :slight_smile:

In some cases you might simplify “do the whole operation again” by exporting any misfiled web archives to Finder’s Desktop or some other folder, deleting them from the database, then importing them to the correct database(s). That’s pretty easy if you use drag/drop for simple exporting and importing. And obviously easier in DT2 when you can drag/drop directly between different databases.

Avoiding that manual cleanup by using Folder Actions or some other method would be preferable but requires some custom configuration, like kalisphoenix mentioned.