How to set a folder to show contents of subfolders?

Hi. I am using Devonthink Pro 2.8.1.

I have a folder (group) with many subfolders. When I select the folder, I’d like to see a list of the documents in all its subfolders. Right now, Devonthink is only showing a list of documents in that specific folder (and in this case, there are no documents).

Is there a way to change the settings of that folder so that when I select it, I see a list of all the documents in all its subfolders?


It is not a matter of settings, it is how the views are used:

Use List, Columns, or Split view. Or, In Three-Pane view, in the groups pane select multiple groups.

[size=125]List view:[/size]

[size=120]Columns view:[/size]

[size=125]Split view:[/size]

[size=125]Three panes view:[/size]

korm, thanks. I realize i only use three-pane view. Selecting all the folders works, although I still wish there were a way for me to see all their contents without selecting all of them. Maybe I need to make a Smart Group that will show everything.

You could do this…

That works! Thanks!

Hi, is there any way to do this without this workaround?
For me, it would be great if groups would not work like folders, but as “filters”.
So a folder would show all the subfolders` contents, and i could drill down into subfolders to refine.

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Providing an option like this would be great.


IMHO, group is quiet specific in what it is in DT (same as what folder is in macOS). If u need filters, there are many ways such as using smart group, replicate the items into other groups or group tags, or just tag items and use tags as groups.These ways are not “work around” but are intended as “filters”. Offering too many option for a standardised model (group) is/might going to create confusion for other users. The awesomeness of DT is the flexibility to tailor to diff needs but not the developers to tailor the features to diff users needs…? I am not trying to criticise the validity of a request but to suggest that the fun is to use the flexibility of DT to custom to ur workflow.

For me, it would be great if groups would not work like folders, but as “filters”.

That is a bit contrary. A group, just like a folder in the Finder, is a static container. You only see what is in the current directory or expanded subfolders.

@ngan_(and my previous post)_ is on spot here.
Use a smart group if you want to see the contents of a group and its subgroups.