How to set Auto-Lock to Never to download large databases when there is an Exchange policy in place

Just sharing this tip.

I have databases that require multiple GB to download when setting up a new device or fixing a corrupted sync. Because I have my work Exchange account on these devices, the Display & Brightness setting for Auto-Lock maxes out at 5 minutes. I then have to keep the screen active to download the database(s).

I found it is much quicker to delete my Exchange account from the device and then set Auto-Lock to Never. Once the database(s) are fully downloaded, then I add the Exchange account again which sets Auto-Lockout back to 5 minutes. What used to be an all day process, now only takes about an hour and I can just leave the device charging and check on the progress occasionally.

Interesting approach. Hopefully it will be useful to other users in a similar situation.:slight_smile: