How to set up smart folders for prioritized clippings?


I’m trying to triage my clippings – in terms of high, medium, and low priority – and thought the best way to do this was to use DT’s labels, and then set up a smart folder that would filter these labels accordingly. If this seems the easiest way to proceed, what sort of settings should I select for such smart folders.


Something like this

[attachment=0]Smart Group Setting.png[/attachment]

Create your own label names; “important” is what I use.

Great! Thanks… You know if there’s any way to get rid of the triangles that appear to the left of the folder that collapse and expand the folder? Thanks!

I’m not sure exactly when the disclosure triangle will appear on seemingly empty Smart Groups but there’s no way to get rid of it when it does.

Related bug:

Right-Arrow on one of those selected “pseudo-empty” Smart Groups will flip the triangle downward but Left-Arrow won’t flip it back.

It’s a feature. :stuck_out_tongue:

And now, it’s a documented feature. :slight_smile:

Feature or not, documented or not, I’m still hoping for a reason …

Here are two Smart Groups:

Scripts.pngTo Do.png
Neither match any items, but only Scripts has the disclosure triangle:

Scripts+To Do.png
Any idea what causes that difference?

Adding the rule: [Kind] [is] [Any Content], to any smart group, gets rid of the triangle.


That worked. Perfect! Thanks so much…

Thanks! Embarrassed I didn’t test that when it crossed my mind before posting. :blush:

Seems unusual to me for that condition to have that influence on the disclosure triangle.

You woulda figured it out given another minute or two. All the answers are actually in the 2 pics you posted, once you’d made a 3rd smart group, it becomes kinda obvious what the single consistent difference is.

Yeah agreed, I just noticed when I starting making smart groups that they all had the triangle. The default ones that came with DT Pro didn’t, so… what’s the difference? The answer being what I posted. Why does it work like that? I dunno, but… it does . Probably from a logical, coding perspective, it makes perfect sense. There are possibly situations where you’d want the disclosure triangle, I just personally haven’t found any.

If the default behavior changed, there would doubtlessly be at least half a dozen people who would freak out with, “d00d! You have COMPLETELY DESTROYED my workflow! Can I haz trianglez back?!?#@!!1! I need them, or I’ll die.”

If the disclosure triangle is turned on, then the smart folder shows the item count for the group. However, removing the from a smart group doesn’t necessarily add the triangle. It appears to be pretty inconsistent as to how the triangle, and the item count, is applied.

The triangle is only available if the smart group could contain groups. Adding “Kind is Any Content” hides always the triangle but removing it doesn’t necessarily show it. It depends on the other criteria.

The help file and release notes have consistently mentioned that the smart group editor is a work in progress.

This thread is only one of several inconsistencies in the UI for smart groups (e.g., why don’t item counts appear in sidebar smart groups; why is the smart group icon a blue dot at times; why do item counts disappear when “kind is any content” is selected, etc.). Perhaps these are Cocoa limitations? Perhaps not. In any event, I would think that fixing these and/or the documentation would be a tidy-up task for the developers before the final product is published. It might also help if smart groups were (eventually in 3.x) scriptable so that those so inclined could modify the behaviors themselves.

Thanks for the explanations here. The collapse and expand triangles are one of those things which has driven me slightly batty over the last few months, some of my groups have them, some don’t, I never understood how to turn them off and their use isn’t documented anywhere within the manual. While I probably opened and closed a hundred smart groups, I never managed to see that was one thing that all the groups without triangles had in common.

The manual does provide a nice explanation of the time clocks being used for date and time related searches, but nothing about groups appearing in smart searches or annoying triangles! :open_mouth:

I do understand Devonthink is a work in progress and some of the functions are not consistent yet or documented anywhere, so I try to view it as more of an adventure on the road to 2.0 final. My thanks to the person who complained about something that’s bothered me for a while, Patrick who answered it, Christian who explained it and Korm who is complaining about things that bother me too. I think everything I would have wanted to ask or say got covered. These forums are very handy. 8)

I like having the count showing and would prefer that to be standard. I do wish that once the triangle was turned on, it would stay on.

Most of this thread (starting during the third post) has been questioning the SG disclosure triangle behavior, not the SG editor. I think what’s implied is that Smart Groups in general are a work-in-progress.


Nice list.

Since none of those are editor-related they’ve seemed fair game for reporting, questioning, and discussing. Especially during beta testing, it’s the type of feedback and participation I hope DTech wants from us unless they specifically say otherwise, e.g. because they’re already aware of and have intentions for the issues.

I still don’t have “why” answers for those SG UI behaviors or know if they’re intended to remain that way, but am satisfied that DTech is aware of them. I appreciate even any brief “we know” acknowledgements that can be so tough or impossible to get from other developers.

Only presumably, not certainly, until we know otherwise.

I make an effort to stay informed of DTech’s “roadmap” based on whatever information they publicly post and try not to unnecessarily pester them. :slight_smile:

Not sure who you think was complaining but it wasn’t me, at least not in this thread. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the informative discussion.

@sjk - assumption is the father of folly, but I assumed that because the SG editor is declared by DT to be an unfinished work, then SG’s themselves are unfinished. QED? :confused:

@hoffman - I’m not complaining; I’m looking forward to the completion of DTPO2 :neutral_face:

Sure, since (for instance) adding “Kind is Any Content” in the editor influences the disclosure triangle display and the editor is still a work-in-progress it could be implied that the disclosure display can also be considered a work-in-progress. :slight_smile:

Add to the list of inconsistencies:

If “All of the following are true” : “Date modified is yesterday” and “Kind IS NOT any content”, then the SmartGroup displays everything from yesterday including groups. If “Kind IS any content” then groups are not displayed but everything else is.

If we create a smart group which requests “Kinds IS NOT feed” and “Kind IS NOT html” and save the parameters, the “Kind IS NOT feed” is deleted from the parameters, but the group does in fact exclude feeds.

As the man said, a work in progress. :confused: