How to setup two users on the same Mac?

I am a DT3 Newbie and I like it a lot. I use it with my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, and it works OK. All in my account on a Mac I share with my spouse. We each have a separate account, for organizational and professional reasons.

How can I set up DT3 so that she is a peer to me: I want her to be able to use DT3, including modifying the database, including scanning in new documents.

It seems to me the only reasonable option is two duplicate the DT3 database in her account, and synchronize the two databases. This will lead to wasted disk spaces, because all the documents will be duplicated.

Is there any other option?



Duplicating databases & synchronizing is usually the recommended option. To reduce the disk usage items could be stored in a shared folder and indexed instead of imported.

Another option is to use the web interface of the Server edition but the functionality of this interface is limited, e.g. only few document types can be edited/viewed.