How to share data on a budget

Hi, all- I see that to update my Devonthink with the same capabilities as my DevonThink Pro Office (i.e. web access) I have to get the server edition that will cost $400. This is a real drag as all that I use that for is so my wife can web into my office computer to look stuff up. I not going to pay $400 for this. This sucks, Devonthink. So, what are my alternatives to allow my wife to look for docs? I was thinking I can keep version 2 running along with version 3 pro so I can enjoy all he bug fixes they put in Version 3. Can both versions use the same database simultaneously so I can keep the web services running on version 2? Any other ideas? Screen sharing would not work very well due to the difference in size of the Office Mac, vs. the wife laptop.

DEVONthink 2 and 3 should not be running on the same account.
DEVONthink 2 is going into maintenance mode.
And no, you cannot have the same database open by two users or applications.

Sync a database to your wife’s laptop would be the advocated option for data sharing.