How to share docs in DTTG

I am trying to ‘share’ documents that are in DTTG-- pdf’s, Richtexts and plain text-- but all I get when I ‘share it’ to any app is the doc’s title and a link to devonthink. I need to 'send" the documents as they are because it’s to people that don’t use devon think

Thanks for the help

With Share > Email, you get the filename, the x-devonthink link, and the file attached. I just verified it again.


So is email the only way to share docs in DTTG?

How many steps do I need to take to share a doc through iMessage or WhatsApp or any other app?

:question: We don’t support iMessage or WhatsApp, etc. You’d have to test this yourself as there are many, many apps you potentially could want to use. Also, not all apps register for Sharing, so we obviously couldn’t speak to that either.

Select the document, tap the Share button, choose Messages or WhatsApp.