how to share tagged docs with another user

I have a problem that I wish I had next year (after the sync product Eric mentioned on the blog is out), but I have it today.

I shared a database with someone half way around the world. I then did a bunch of tagging and work on the database. I sent a whole new copy.

Then I did some major analysis and re-tagging… I sent the whole database again.

Now, the friend is working on tagging and grouping replicants, too.

Meanwhile, I’ve set up some major categories, reorganized the groups and tagged a wholly different set of docs.

is there a way to share the tag sets without sending the entire database again?

e.g. I have 5400 docs. 563 are tagged “Awesome Category 1”

Now, I have selected 600 docs for “Awesome Category 2” and 340 for A.C.3 and so on. How can I share those tags in a way that we can edit which records are tagged between us, without sending the whole 500MB db every time?

tx :smiley:

When you export tagged documents the tags are written to the files as OpenMeta tags. Importing into the other database would bring those tags into that database.