How to shut off Spring Loaded Files & Folder default in DTPO

Spring loaded files & folders makes it difficult for me to transfer files between folders within a folder because with the target folder opens, its location can jump.

In addition, many times I’m just not fast enough to move files & folders into a spring-loaded folder and the drop-down contents makes the move confusing for me. This can be quite an annoyance when we’re on a tight deadline and I’m trying to rearrange my collected RTF clippings for someone else in our studio without DTPO installed (yet) to view over our LAN and my DTPO server.

Thanks again to the DT team and all forum members for all the outstanding consulting support.

Let me recommend once more the often-neglected floating Groups panel. Toggle it with the keyboard shortcut, Control-Command-G.

The Groups panel displays the organizational structure of all open databases. Drill down, if necessary until the group to which you with to drag content is visible, then just select those items and drag them to that destination in the Groups panel.

Great manual dexterity isn’t necessary, groups are not jumping about in the process of the drag & drop operation, so the frustration level of this procedure is very low. If you are moving things about frequently, you will find the Groups panel saves time (few if any mistakes) and is therefore more efficient than trying to do drag & drop within a view hierarchy. :slight_smile:

Bill, you are the greatest. You’re certainly one of the smartest software executives I’ve ever worked with. We are all incredibly fortunate to have you helping us in this forum.

I keep forgetting about the Groups panel. The latest version of DTPO is so feature-rich I can’t keep all the capabilities in my head.

Do we have some sort of preference or other means of making absolutely sure the Groups panel shows up at every launch or database file opening, for the benefit of those like me who keep forgetting its usefulness?

Thanks so very, very much once again. Hope we’ll have the opportunity to talk in person, possibly with other Bay Area/California DTPO users, at one of the upcoming Macintosh conferences here in San Francisco or San Jose. RD

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