How to sort by location over multiple databases

Hi all,

Long time lurker on this forum. I have a strange issue that I’m not sure how to resolve.

I use a unique database for each one of my clients, and a separate folder for each project. When a project is active, I color it with a “to do” label.

I’ve created a smart group for my “to do” labels, and it works great to pull up all of those project folders. But in the window that shows those folders, when I try to sort by location (so that I have a view that shows projects, sorted by client), it doesn’t seem to sort correctly. Some of the items are grouped together and others aren’t.

Any idea on what’s going on here? Thanks in advance for your advice.


Jeff, which of the View options are you using?

The upcoming version 2.1.2 will fix this bug.

Thank you.