How to sort folders ascending but within folders descending

I have a database for “House & Garden”, within that database a folder “Utilities”, within that folder folders for water, gas, electricity, and so on, and in these folders the respective invoices.

I would like to have all folders and subfolders in a database sorted ascending (A-Z) but the invoices in a specific folder then descending (Z-A) in order to see the latest invoice on top - (as it also would be possible in a Finder’s folder hierarchy).

How do I do that? Or is this not possible? Thanks.

This applies to Three Pane View, but other views can be adjusted as well:

View > Sort > By Name > Ascending will take care of the database groups and their children. In the document listing for a particular group click “Name” to toggle sorting ascending / descending. You can do the same with any other column shown in that pane. The “latest” item might be shown better by sorting the “Added” or “Modified” date columns, if you have those columns on display.

Thanks, korm. For now the Three Pane View seems to be best for me. I will check the other views later.