How to sort using high ASCII characters?

For years I’ve used “!” to keep an item at the top of a list in DT and “Ω” for the bottom. After latest check, I see that DT doesn’t seem to recognize high ASCII, or is it only partially aware?

Can anyone give us a list of what ASCII characters are actually active to help us sort lists?

Also see previous topic:

Alphanumeric characters—letters and numbers.

In an alphabetic sort, the sort starts with numbers, then a, b…z.

I just checked the Apple Finder sorting again and it’s the same as DT. Guess I just lucked out with the “!” and “Ω” chars all these years. I wonder if anyone else uses other symbols to maintain sort positions? What about * • - #  and space ???

You could also enable View > Sort > Unsorted and sort the items via drag & drop instead of renaming them.