How to start over with Tagging?

I’ve got five years of random and in retrospect, mindless tagging. I sometimes feel like I have more tags than notes!?!?!

I’ve sat down and used MindNode to construct a meaningful tagging scheme, any advice on how to wipe out all my tagging history and start from scratch?

Thanks in advance

You might want to reverse that order
Your existing tagging can exist while working on your new paradigm

It’s so easy to delete existing tags
Using the Tags group; select and delete

retrospect, mindless tagging

My tagging process is controlled using an applescript
The first tag is a note type; for example !Type-Receipt
This drives additional tags, for example !Vendor and !Budget

I reflect hierarchy in my tag names; for example !Budget, !Budget-Housing, !Budget-HousingRent
I avoid “orphan” tags

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As @DTLow mentioned, you can merely delete unwanted tags in the Tags group for any database. Then empty the database’s Trash and they’re gone.