How to start over

I am fairly new to DevonThink. I have DevonThink Pro Office.

I have kind of got my database messed up and want to start over. I think that I can simply export everything to my Documents folder and then delete my databases and preferences, and then reimport my documents, but I wanted to make sure that this is correct.

Depends on how messed up “messed up” is, but in addition to export/import it is also a possibility to create a new database, open that and the older database in windows side by side, and drag documents and groups from the old database to the new database. Replacing your preferences first is a good starting point.

I think it is too messed up. I tried that.

The problem was that the old database was named “Inbox” and now mt global inbox only seems to connect to that database. In addition, the Inbox database is stored in the Application Support folder, and I created the new on in my Documents folder.

Yep, export/import seems like a good idea then :cry: