How to stop a process in DT3?

Hi there,

Among other files I have a few backups of sql databases indexed in DT3, some of them are bigger than 500 MB. I don’t really need them in DT3 but they are part of my folders and I don’t want to change this hierarchy.

When by accident I click on one of those files, it takes sometimes several minutes until its content is displayed in the standard preview. All this time I can’t do anything with DT3 and just have to wait.

My question: is there a way to stop this?

Thanks for your suggestions!


As this isn’t possible the only options would be to either hide the preview pane in main windows or not to index complete folders but only the necessary files/subfolders in them. There’s of course a third option but reorganizing the folder in the Finder isn’t what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your message and for those 3 options @cgrunenberg !

A naive question: does that mean DT is not yet multi-threaded? Just curious.

Many operations are but setting up a document view cannot be interrupted and performed in the background due to limitations of macOS. But I wouldn’t recommend storing huge backups of SQL databases in DEVONthink anyway. This bloats the search index and memory usage a lot and isn’t really useful.

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Thanks for the info again.

Thanks for your piece of advice @cgrunenberg… I listened to you and finally reorganized my folders and don’t index those huge backups of sql databases anymore :+1:t2:

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