How to stop automatic generation of thumbnails in DT3

I journal using DT. In DT Pro Office there is a handy icon associated with the journal template - a pen on a yellow background. This is a helpful icon as I can easily pick out my journal entries amidst other notes.

The same icon is available for the journal template in DT3, however, once I start typing it changes the icon to an RTF thumbnail. I’ve had a look at the settings and made them exactly the same as DT Pro Office. However, DT3 continues to change them automatically.

Any advice on how to stop this behaviour?

Development will have to weigh in on this.

Which filetypes should be automatically thumbnailed according to Preferences > Media?

Images and Movies only

Beta 2 will fix this bug.

FYI, I love the new preference to automatically generate thumbnails for RTF, Text, Web Archives.