How to store webarchives of websites which require login?

The title says it all: How can I store in DTP webarchives of websites which require login? (Example: Goodreads)

If the website is dynamic (meaning that it might load different/additional resources each time), then it’s probably better to capture a PDF or to take a rich note.

Good idea to capture it as PDF instead! :slight_smile:

I found a - only slightly cumbersome - solution using webarchives:

  1. Login to the site in Safari
  2. Browse in Safari to the page you want to store in DTP.
  3. Save the page in some temnporary loacation as webarchive.
  4. Import the webarchive to DTP’s Inbox in the Finder

Now DTP contains the web page as it appears to you when you are logged in. :slight_smile: