How to sync a DT database between two computers?

Hello. I have DT Pro 1.5.1 installed on both my PowerBook and my PowerMac. I also have the same DT database that I use on each computer. Sometimes I work on my PowerBook and make database entries, especially when mobile, and sometimes I work with the same database on my PowerMac at the office.

How can I synchronize the same DT database on each computer to include the most recent additions and changes? Thanks.

We have intentionally not included this feature as it is complex and error-prone. However, you could have a look at DevonSync made by Wooden Brain Concepts. You can find it here.

Thank you, Eric. I will try DevonSync.

But first, could you or anyone else expand on how “error-prone” trying to sync the same database on two computers can be? What precautions could be made?

By “complex” are you referring to the coding of such a feature into DT, or the actual procedure required to perform a successful sync? Thanks again.

Sync’ing in general is a complex process, and if it goes bad, it creates a mess. Everyone using a Palm OS device can tell you about this :slight_smile: This together with the size of an average DEVONthink database (a few ten thousand documents) is the main reason why we haven’t implemented this functionality on our own, yet.

As for DevonSync, consequently creating backups seems advisable.