How to synchronize sub-folders managed by Sente?


I’m trying to synchronize a folder containing PDFs that is managed by Sente that contains multiple levels of sub-folders pertaining to name, year, etc. Is there a way of automatically synchronize these subfolders? So far, I’m under the impression that, in order to sync these folders and subfolders I must attach the synchronize script to every folder and sub-folder and then activate the sync script, folder by folder, each time I want to sync.

Alternately, if you know have any advice on how best to manage Sente attachments so that DTPro’s superior searching can be used, I’d love to hear that also. If I could only re-file my attachments I wouldn’t have the syncing problem to begin with…

I’ve tried searching the forums but didn’t find anything that answered this question.


Indexing a folder normally includes all of that folder’s children and documents at all sub-levels.

However, if the folder contains aliases to other folders, then the aliased folders (and their own descendents) are skipped by index. DT does not index aliases.

So, if a folder contains two subfolders (A and B) and A is an alias, then only subfolder B is indexed.

There are several hundred posts in the forum on DT and Sente, and references there to external articles and suggestions. Have you had a chance to browse forum history?

Thanks for your reply, Korm.

The directory tree I’m trying to synchronize does not contain aliases. And I’ve been able to index it the first time; it’s the subsequent synchronizations that I’m having difficulty with. As I described in my first post, I have folders containing subfolders. Attaching the synchronize script seems to sync only the top-level folder but not the subfolders.

It’s true there are hundreds of posts containing information about folders and syncing. And before posting here I did search the forums. But my search also included terms like “subfolders” and “synchronization” and I didn’t find anything that seems to answer my question: How can I sync the folders and subfolders automatically?

FWIW I’ve also tried asking a quesion in the Sente forums about re-filing attachments in one folder…that would eliminate the subfolders entirely and preclude the need to sync them!


OK. That possibility is eliminated.

Can you synchronize using the File > Synchronize command (i.e., without the script)?

The synchronize script mimics the Synchronize command - the subfolders should always synchronize. Perhaps it is not DT, but something in the folder structure? (Grasping at straws. :confused: ). No comfort, but over here the Synchronize command and the script always work; always synchronize everything in the tree.

Is Sente open when you’re trying to synchronize, and is it possible that it is somehow locking or changing permissions whilst open? I don’t synchronize to Sente so not sure what it does.

Korm, thank you for your help. My initial diagnosis was incorrect: The synchronize command and the synchronize script both successfully sync folders and subfolders. I was able to do this successfully with Sente open and closed although there does not appear to be any active management of the folders by Sente except when new attachments (PDFs) are added.

Sorry to waste your time but I’m glad that DTPro’s sync command works so well!