How to troubleshoot broken link to external file

DevonThink 386, Monterey , M1

Hello, if I ⌥ ⌘ drag and drop a file from Finder into a DevonThink 3 RTF item, the link is broken.

When I click on it, nothing happens: it does not open the file in finder nor does it open the file in its app (Scrivener).

  • how would I troubleshoot this ?
  • is there a way to insert different links, one to open the file in finder and the other the open the file in its app (Scrivener)

thank you very much

Does this work in TextEdit which uses the same text engine?

context menu of link → open in Scrivener works.
I would like DevonThink to be configured so that double clicking on the file does the equivalent.
Vielen Dank

Did you check the path/URL of the link, see Edit Link…?

  • yes the link is correct with edit link
  • proof that it is correct is that I can open it via the context menu open in Scrivener

“normally” what should happen when I double click on a link ? I was wondering if there is a DevonThink settings that actives double click

Command-Option-dragging and dropping a file in the Finder into an RTF file in DEVONthink inserts a link to the external file.

  • Clicking it in the RTF file opens the file but does not bring the application to the front.
  • Shift-clicking the link also brings the application to the front.

There is no need to double-click the link in the RTF.

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all works perfectly as you describe. thank you and have a nice day

You’re welcome :slight_smile: