How to troubleshot missing Mail plugin?

Hi, recently I noticed that Apple Mail plugin just stopped working. I’m not sure when it actually happened - after some updates to DT and/or MacOS, or just on its own, but I noticed it recently when trying to export some mail message. What I know that initially it must’ve worked fine, since I have several mails and one whole mailbox already imported to my databases that way (on the same computer and DT installation).

When I go to DT>Install add-ons I see this:

Of note: both OCR plugin as well as inbox in Finder works OK (I do not use scripts so don’t know about those).

However I do not see relevant items in Mail menus anymore. What is more I’ve read that it might be necessary to activate plugin in Mail preferences. However those are empty, Mail is not seeing any plugin at all:

Any ideas what I should do?

My DT version: 3.8.5

My macOS: 12.5

Check that you have allowed Mail to use the DEVONthink plug in: Mail Menu: Preferences -->Tab General → Button “Manage Plug-ins”.

See page 135 of the current “DEVONthink Manual”.

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Ok, my bad, I was only checking Plugins tab in preferences. Thanks!