How to turn off auto-classify?

I’m a casual user of DevonThink Pro Office (v. 2.0.5). I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t seem to find a solution to the question of how to turn off (what I believe to be) the auto-classify feature.

My workflow: I scan documents with a Fujitsu ScanSnap, and have DT perform OCR. When prompted, I give the document a title, and apply a few tags. Again, I’m a casual user, and I may not be understanding or using tags correctly. I treat tags as search terms, and they’re often redundant with my group names.

Recently, I’ve noticed that as soon as I give a scanned and OCR’d document a name and tags, DT moves a copy of the document into a group. It’s usually the correct group. However, I would prefer to move the document myself. For one thing, DT doesn’t always put the new document into the group where I want it to go. For another, if I don’t know where DT put the new document, I’m reluctant to delete the copy in the Inbox.

I’ve looked through the preferences and help, but can’t find a way to turn off this auto-classify feature. How do I do it?


I believe that if you right-click on a group folder, you will get a pop-up menu; one of the choices is “Exclude from tagging.” If you check that, tagging an item with the group’s name will not automatically put it in that group.
Hope this answers your question!

A couple things that might be related:

Preferences > Import > Destination: option
File > Database Properties… > dbname > Exclude Groups from Tagging

That’s not the auto-classfy feature at work.

Tags themselves are a special kind of groups within the Tags group. When you assign a tag to a document, it will be shown as populating that tag group, although it is actually located within the normal group organization schema, e.g., in the Inbox if that’s where you placed it.

If you were to delete the document from the Inbox, it will no longer be in your database. :slight_smile:

If you wish, in each of your database’s Database Properties panels you can check the option to exclude groups from tagging. Afterwards, the Tags view will only list tags that you have created, or that were created in another application using OpenMeta tagging and applied to documents that you have subsequently captured to your database.