how to turn off auto-recentering when scrolling down?

I want to use DEVONthink Pro to read long documents, like ebooks. My preferred way to do this is in a continuous scroll mode, using the keyboard down-arrow to scroll down smoothly the way I can do in Firefox or Chrome.

In DEVONthink, when I use the keyboard to scroll down in a rich-text note, when the caret/cursor gets to bottom of the screen, DEVONthink jumps the page down, scrolling me down in a jumpy, jerky way such that the caret/cursor is in the center of the screen.

I find this jumpy/jerky scrolling to be extremely distracting. Is there a way to turn this off?

I would be fine just reading my ebooks and other long documents in Chrome or Firefox itself, but I need to highlight passages in yellow and make annotations, which is why I’d rather use DEVONthink if possible.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!