How to turn off tooltips?

I’ve noticed a rather (to me) bizarre behavior WRT the tooltips feature.

I’m reading through my RSS feeds and if I go up to the tool bar to delete an article, the tooltip appears next to each of the icons in the toolbar. Additionally, (and this is the annoying part) when I mouse down to the list of articles, tooltips appear over each article highlighting a selected bit of its content. This happens only if I hover over an icon in the menu bar and then mouse down to the article list without deleting an article. That is, the tooltip seems to stay stuck.

If I’ve deleted an article and mouse to the next one, the tooltips don’t appear.

I’ve checked the prefs and have found nothing to help alter this behavior.

Please excuse the minor threadjack showing this typo in a PDF toolbar tooltip:

DTPO - PDF Toolbar - Zoom Zo Width.png
That is all.