How to uninstall Scanner and InBox addon?

  1. How to remove the default preference for Devon Think to control my Fujitsu ScanSpap? For my workflow, is better to scan into Finder, apply OCD with Adobe Acrobat and then import to DevonThink. Currently I have to QUIT DevonThink from hijacking the scanner.

  2. How to remove the DevonThink inbox slide out menu in the upper left of display? (the slide out gets in the way ;( Would like to uninstall this feature.


  1. The default application is set in ScanSnap Manager, not in DT Pro Office. Open ScanSnap Manager Settings, then change the current setting in the Application tab.

  2. You can toggle display on/off for the left Sidebar in the View menu (View > Show/Hide Sidebar.

You wouldn’t want to uninstall the Sidebar, as in the future you will almost certainly find important uses for it.

I presume you mean the Sorter? Use Preferences > Sorter and quit the Sorter. Make sure to also uncheck “Start Sorter at Login” to keep it from reappearing when you log in next time.

Thank you Eric and Bill for your ever prompt support.
I may not be a power user, but DevonThink manages MOST of my life at this point!