how to uninstall WordService?

How can I uninstall WordService?

I know that I can turn the individual services off in System Preferences—Keyboard—Shortcuts—Services, so they won’t appear in the Services menu. But I’d like to know how to remove them from my system entirely. Thanks!


You’ll want to remove the preference .plist from ~ Library/Preferences, also.

Delete. Empty trash. Reboot.

I looked in ~/Library/Services before posting the query; there are no relevant services there. (There are only three services there at all, and I know exactly where each of them came from.)

I also looked in /System/Library/Services, but there are only thirteen services there in all, and none seems to be related to WordService. And there is no /Library/Services folder at all, so they’re certainly not there.

So I’m wondering where they are, and how to remove them!

If you installed the WordService application, delete it, empty your Trash, and reboot your Mac.

Hmm, answered above.

If that’s no good, then get a trial copy of Find Any File and look. FAF is more aggressive and comprehensive than Spotlight at finding things. If FAF doesn’t find it, it’s not there.

Or use our EasyFind which is free :slight_smile:

EasyFind did not find the WordService services (I’d tried both it and NotLight already, as well as digging into the Services folders manually), but deleting the app and rebooting worked. Thanks!

I’d still kind of like to know where the heck they were hiding…!