How to Uninstall?

I bought this program as part of a package through MACUpdate. However, I have concluded that this thing is way too complicated for anything I have a need for and would like to uninstall it (I could not even get it to save a web page to my inbox). I am running on an iMAC. When I boot up, DEVONThink is running automatically. I’d like to just uninstall it. Any help would be appreciated.

To remove (uninstall) DEVONthink Pro completely from your Mac, trash the following files and folders (~ stands for your Home folder):

• DEVONthink Pro application
• ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2
• ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/ DEVONMailConduit.mailbundle
• ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon- technologies.thinkpro.*
• All DEVONthink Pro-specific scripts in ~/ Library/Scripts/
• All DEVONthink Pro-specific workflows in ~/Library/Workflows/
• All DEVONthink Pro-specific scripts in ~/ Library/PDF Services/
• Dashboard widgets
• Bookmarklets from your web browser
• The reference to the global inbox folder in your Finder’s sidebar

I’ve followed all of that and the ghost tab is still there. Also my system will not allow me to delete the main file because the program is still in use. This is frustrating and I wonder why what should be a fairly straightforward action has taken so much of my time to deal with.

To boot, the tab won’t open so I can’t change any preferences.

What is “the ghost tab”?

What is “the main file” – the program?

Reboot and do not select the OS X option to reopen windows. You should be able to delete, then, everything Jim listed. Empty the trash when done and reboot a second time. Should all be gone.

The ghost tab is the tab to the left (at least on my Mac) that is barely visible. It’s still there. It used to open if I hovered over it, now it’s just there.

Yes, the program file. I deleted everything else but as long as DevonThink is “in use” I can’t delete it. I suspect it’s the tab that is “in use”. I’ll try a reboot.

Thanks…hope I don’t have to come back. :wink: :laughing:

As the Sorter is still running, it must be Quit before you can move the DEVONthink application to the Trash.

In DEVONthink, click on the application name in the menubar and choose Preferences, then set Preferences > Sorter to Quit the Sorter. Now you can move the DEVONthink application file to the Trash.