How to update a record (keeping the same UUID)?

How can I update a record keeping the same UUID?

Especially, is there a way to update a webarchive in DEVONthink?

The UUID should stay the same, beacuse other records link to this UUID and it is very painful to update all in-linkiing records.

Updating a webarchive won’t change the UUID since it’s not replacing the file.

But how do I update a webarchive? Just by copying a new webarchive file in the filesystem location of the previous webarchive file?

If you are looking at a webarchive in DEVONthink, you can refresh and update the file here…

Thanks Jim. That’s cool!

You’re welcome.

Can something similar be done for other file types? I’d like to be able to update PDF files when I am given new versions, but I’d like my markdown note links to keep working since many notes might reference the same document. (I am not concerned about retaining any sort of document markup.)

No. PDFs (and other non-web formats) can’t be updated like this.

Technically, it may be possible, but it would certainly be inadvisable. PDFs are easy enough to break and there are already enough bad PDFs floating around the universe. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: