How to update/refresh indexed folder?

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Please excuse a total newbie query. I have DT (not Pro) and have indexed a few folders with some hundreds of PDFs, and keep adding to this folder through Finder. I’d like to refresh this without having to re-index the folders. Is this possible? I don’t think my version supports Apple Scripts which I’ve read about on this forum. Just re-indexing the lot seems to duplicate the items, rather than draw in the new items that I’ve manually added to a folder, and which I’d also like to appear in DT.

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Select the group you want to refresh. Click File > Synchronize

Many thanks! For some reason, this didn’t work which is why I posted. It seemed like my DT folder had lost contact with the Finder files. But, I’ve deleted the lot and re-indexed, and now File > Synchronise does work for me. Cheers! :smiley: