How to use DT as a e-book manager

Hi, everyone.

When a database got too many PDFs, its a hard work to manage them or find a particular one.
I used “calibre” to do this job.
But now, I want to get away from it, cause I put everything in DT.

I noticed that I can do right click —> New from Template—> Education —> Books. That’s exactly what I needed. But I don’t know how to import PDFs as attachments. That is really bothering me.


That template is just a prebuilt sheet for storing bibliographic information about books. It doesn’t import, index, or otherwise store PDFs.

You could add a column with an Item Link data type to link to files in your database.

You could also make this change and use File > Export > as Template to create your own version of that template.

Many Thanks, Thats exactly what I needed.
I find that press command and double click the item link on the item link column, it can open the file in a new tab, very useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re very welcome :slight_smile: