How to use Google Search operator in DevonAgent?


I’m a new user and just trying to find my way around in this great tool.

I defined a search query with some of the features from DevonAgent (OPT) and also with Google Search operator.
Exclude a word /site
Add a dash (-) before a word or site to exclude all results that include that word. This is especially useful for synonyms like Jaguar the car brand and jaguar the animal.
jaguar speed -car or pandas

Car AND (Kühlergrill OPT 67dHH53651) AND (A10 OR A10/C10) -gebraucht

Now I’m not sure if this mixture will be correctly used by DA.

2 Questions:

Will this search be correctly interpreted/executed by DA?

Is there somewhere a complete overview of all expressions which are possible to create the query?



I would check out the DEVONagent Help or manual. It has a section on this and designing a query. And if you’re reading through the entire manual, there are other examples throughout the text.

Thanks for the info re to the manual

I’m still looking for an answer related to the Google Search Operator, is it possible to use them in the DA search?
i.e. -site:



No, that’s not possible as DEVONagent uses a generic syntax for all plugins & search engines. But you could create a site specific plugin instead if you’re searching a certain site regularly.

Thanks Christian,

I’m looking for a solution that would help to narrow down the results, means if I search for products (looking for seller offering the defined product in the web) I want to exclude results from certain domains i.e. from forums, boards, newspaper, etc.
So if I identify those sites prior to start the search, I would love to exclude them from being collected or processed…at the end I don’t want any link from that sites in my results.

How can I do that with DA?



Sites/Links can be excluded via Preferences > Search and the command Data > Delete & Exclude Domain removes both the selected results & all other results from the selected domains and updates the preferences automatically.

OK, that works, but then for all searches I will do. Any chance to have this feature as part of the search set, so that I can configure the “not wanted domain” per Search Set?

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

Here are three suggestions that may help:

  1. Use the Devonagent NOT operator in combination with the Google schemes:

    panda AND NOT instead of panda AND

  2. To see what query was actually submitted to Google, look in DA’s Log tab after submitting a test search. From there we can see that the above query sent … -8&start=0

  3. You can copy a Google query out of the DevonAgent log and paste into the url of a browser. Then, when you submit it, besides giving you the results, Google will also reprint how they interpreted it. For example, pasting the URL in step 2 yields Google’s feedback:

Which is I think confirms using DA’s NOT with site: is what you wanted